Frequently Asked Questions

There are some questions I get asked a lot on the course, so I've copied some of them below.

How do I get the cool free stuff?

This is explained in lecture 4. In short, go to to sign up for the hosting and you'll be given links to all the extras.

I’ve lost my password/I can’t log in

If you can’t get in to the cpanel, try logging in via, using the email and password you signed up with. If you can’t log in there, use to reset your password. If that doesn’t help, email support at

It won’t let me sign up for the hosting

Make sure you have entered your Udemy username exactly correctly, and that the course is appearing correctly on your Udemy profile page. If it is and you still can’t get in, email

Can I download all the course materials?

Each of the course materials is downloadable from the links in the course, but you can also access or download everything at once from

Can I download the course videos?

You cannot download the videos to a PC at this time.

I'm having problems playing the videos

Please try using a different browser and/or internet connection. If that doesn't help, please email stating you are a Codestars students.

How long does my free web hosting last?

Your web hosting lasts for 12 months.

There's a bug/error in one of the videos! What should I do?

I maintain a bug report doc at - please post a comment there under the Web Dev tab and I'll get to it ASAP.

Now on to the course!